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How Freight Payment Services Work

Let A Freight Payment Company Do The Legwork
In a perfect world, shipments would always arrive on time and payments would always be fast and accurate. However, in the real world, companies need freight payment services to smooth out all of the bumps in the road during freight payment. When executed properly, a skilled and experienced freight payment company can prevent even big problems from slowing down the freight payment process.
The Freight Payment Process
In its most basic form, freight payment services confirm accuracy and timeliness of documentation between a client (bill of lading) and a carrier (freight bill). This confirms that all of the proper logistics are handled to get shipments delivered and payments processed. This freight payment process flowchart demonstrates a standard freight payment workflow.
Freight Payments Process Flow Chart
A freight payment company's true value is problem solving - usually when there are discrepancies between the bill of lading and the freight bill. Without the proper skill or experience, these complications can be a logistical nightmare. Examples of client/carrier issues can include:
  • Inconsistent freight rate
  • Accessorial charges
  • Government regulations
  • Code violations
  • Mileage discrepancies
  • And much more
Open discrepancies and outside-of-parameter issues are addressed by the freight payment company after electronic and paper copies of documentation are received. When looking for freight payment services, it is critical to use a freight payment company that can audit and resolve these issues without involving the client.
When the data passes audits and issues are resolved, matched items are placed by the freight payment company on to a funding request. The request is forwarded to the client, which subsequently pays the freight payment company. In turn, the freight payment company pays the carrier, and the transaction finishes.
What should you expect when you look for freight payment services? Learn more about picking a freight payment company or check out Wikipedia's detailed freight payment services description. KLS Logistics also offers a free freight payment consultation to review your current situation and answer all of your freight payment questions. It is likely we will save you some money and lots of time. Call us today.
As you can see, KLS meets all of your needs for a reliable freight payment company partnership. Why not give us a call today and ask for an account consultation. You will be glad you did.

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