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Freight Payment and
Freight Cost Reduction Services:

  • Are you paying too much for your freight?
  • Are you looking to reduce the cost and headaches of keeping up with freight rates, fuel and accessorial charges?

Let KLS Logistics take care of it for you. For over 30 years, our customers have been saving money on their air, truck, rail and shipping freight costs.

We are not shippers and do not directly handle packages, we help companies pay the right cost of shipping.

Freight Payments for Air, Truck, Rail and Ship
We handle all methods of Freight Payment - air, truck, rail, ship - and couriers including DHL, UPS, and FedEx!

Client Friendly System -
You Don't Chan...We Do!

We are unique from the other freight payment services as we work within your methodologies, so you don't have to change your systems!

Dedicated Account Managers
We assign a dedicated account manager so you always speak to the person working on saving you money. They know your specific items and will provide you with the information and support you need.

Flexible, Customized Reporting
Our proprietary system provides you detailed, customized reports you can understand. You'll likely see savings from the first shipment, and keep seeing savings.

Improved Carrier Relations
In today's competitive marketplace, carrier service is more important than ever. What your carriers really want and appreciate is prompt and accurate payment. The KLS freight payment system and our service have received rave reviews from carriers in that regard.

No Implementation Costs
Unlike other freight payment solutions, implementation with KLS Logistics incurs no setup or implementation costs. We also charge by the transaction - not as a percentage of the savings. And, we do not require a long term contract. All our customers are long term by choice!

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